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I know. Because I'm doing it now.


How Can I Help You?

I'm Steve Garcia, a life and leadership coach in Denver, Colorado.

Why am I a coach? Because years ago a friend said to me, "Get a coach." At the time, I didn't know what a coach was, what they did, or how to find one. Yet something in his words resonated. I thought I was doing okay, but something was missing.

What was missing was a coach. I played that role for others, but didn't have a coach myself. When I found one, I found a gifted listener, a skilled strategist, someone to ask "fog-lifting questions", and someone in my corner. Soon I was taking fresh steps to a brighter future.

And I knew I wanted to give others what I had gotten. I had a new calling. 

Following that, I enrolled in a coaching certification program with the Institute for Life Coach Training. I'm now a Board Certified Coach. More recently, I became a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Using StrengthsFinder, I help people discover, embrace, and unleash their super powers for greater joy, connection, achievement, and impact.

I invite you to get my newsletter to receive coaching tips, leadership lessons, and training opportunities. I can help you assess where you are, identify where you want to be, and chart a course to get there. 

You have a purpose to fulfill, a call to answer, and work to do. I can help you clarify what that is and Get Your Business Done.

"I help people clarify what matters most, so they can wake-up to a life they love, even if that seems elusive right now."

How the blending of joy and faithfulness can lead to a life worth loving!

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3 Fog-Lifting Questions...

 I can offer help for whatever you are facing:


Sometimes life situations make it hard to be productive. In certain seasons, we need wisdom to know how to shift gears and get moving again. I can give you a jump-start and help you get moving again. At other times, you might feel stuck in your career path, relationships, or just Life. 

Leadership can be a lonely road, with few people you can really talk to. Sometimes you just need a listening ear. When you need to discuss a difficult situation or need to make a hard decision, I am a confidante without an agenda, except to help you make decisions you will feel good about looking back.

Leaders are in high-demand and work follows us home. Oh for the days when we could work 9 to 5 and leave things at the office. But you want a life too, right? There are so many things that really matter -- friends, family, love, self-care, service, growth, fun & recreation -- but those things can get crowded-out really easily. I can help you find Work-Life Balance that is healthy and sustainable.


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  • Kathy S.
    “I have defined my dreams and there is no stopping me! Thanks to Steve, I am ‘swimming in healthier water,’ listening to the right Voice, and living the life I believe God intended me to live.”
    Kathy S.
  • Kaye M.
    “A challenge in many people’s lives is having no framework to process issues. Steve provides such a framework, using God’s word as spiritual structure, as well as his own intelligence and creativity. He offers hands on coaching structure that really works. He is exceptionally gifted, and is one of the top ten people I admire in my life. I am honored to call him a friend.”
    Kaye M.
  • Trish P.
    “Steve is uniquely qualified to help everyone that crosses his path…and anyone willing to listen and learn.”
    Trish P.
  • Kyle H.
    “Steve’s positivity eases the fear involved with transitions, helps inspire dreaming, and allows those he works with to reach new levels of potential!”
    Kyle H.
  • Mike S.
    “Do you need a cheerleader with a battle plan for taking charge of your life? If so, Steve is your guy!”
    Mike S.
  • Caleb N.
    “Steve helps others work towards healing and wholeness—that’s who he is and what he does. In the same way as a scuba-diver, he goes below the surface to find and reveal the treasure within you—the God-given gold. He will help you uncover your God-given dreams.”
    Caleb N.